John Frusciante ‘launches’ Enclosure

By Dries Heerkens

John Frusciante – former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who went solo in 2009 will ‘launch’ a new album on the 8th of April. It is his 12th solo album en the name of the album is ‘Enclosure’. The way John Frusciante created a buzz for his new album, can be classified as unique. He claims that the album is sent into space with a 1200 pound rocket and posted a video on Youtube in which the audience sees the rocket to be launched.

The video is just a small part of the campaign. The name of the rocket is called ‘Sat-JF14’; The video shows that the music is put safely attached to the rocket, before it is launched into space. The rocket is launched from the Mojave desert.

At the end of the movie, viewers are requested to track the rocket via the website;

When the site is visited, users are asked to download an android or Iphone application. The application allows you to track the location of his supposed satellite above the earth. When it passes over you, the app will unlock a stream of the album, which it suggests is coming straight from the satellite.

“This partnership with John Frusciante, Record Collection and Loducca represents a new chapter in our quest to further explore the cosmic relationship between science and art, ENCLOSURE is a musical masterpiece and we’re thrilled to be able to utilize our proprietary space technology to facilitate this unprecedented form of space-enhanced distribution.” – Interorbital Systems CEO Randa Milliron. “

John Frusciante showed a very innovate way of drip-feed marketing; a communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time”First the YouTube video, then the website and finally the mobile application which makes the interactive multi-media campaign complete.

Screenshots of the application



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