Linkin Park make music video fully interactive

By Dries Heerkens

The rock band ‘Linkin Park’ will launch a fully interactive music video for their new single; Guilty all the same. The development of the video is realised in cooperation with Project Spark – developed by Team Dakota and published by Microsoft studios. Players of Project Spark are able to listen to the single in the official level, but are also able to remix the single and create imaginable levels around the song.

music Linkin Park monochrome

An introduction to Project Spark

Project Spark is a game which allows players to create games. The game is available on three platfroms; Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

According to game designer Claude Jeromer: “Players can choose to either begin with a blank slate or play through a level that has already been pre-designed. If they choose to go with a blank slate, they will be able to do everything from craft their own terrain, populate it with floral and fauna, and even program any and every object in their world to take on a certain behavior. For example, a player can program a rock to bounce every time the player is in its presence, or it can program a flower to follow it. If a player chooses to opt for the pre-designed path, they will still be able to affect change to the game world and build as they please. The Game is all about giving options

File:Project Spark promo art.jpg

The clip

The interactive video game by Linkin Park will be launched in June this year,  In it, you play a creature racked by guilt for an unspoken reason. The visuals are appropriately dark and broody, and the overall gameplay appears to be platforming on rails as you try to escape a stylized hellish landscape being destroyed by some unholy entity.

The Verge states about the clip/game: While the presentation can’t quite be called the most mind-blowing foray into gaming ever made, it’s still pretty inventive and looks to make good use of the new Project Spark platform


It is very interesting to see how musical artist are using the media to make the audience more aware of and excited for new material. Linkin Park uses the latest developments in the media industry and will be the first artist to make a video fully interactive. Previously Arcade Fire already created an interactive video, but Linkin Park is taking it a step further by using Project Spark. This is a clear example of Immediacy; This is a form of immediacy; it makes the interface ‘natural’ – the watcher of the audience forget that they are watching a video and instead pay more attention to the interactive options in the video.  This music clip succeeded in make the digital technology ‘transparent’, in this sense, a transparent interface is one that erases itself, so that the watcher of the clip is no longer aware of confronting the medium, but instead stands in an immediate relationship to the content of the medium (Bolter & Grusin, 1998).

Probably, it won’t take long before musical artists will support songs with virtual reality, which will take the level of immediacy even further.

Below, the video how it is posted by Linkin Park can be watched, as explained the user is able to change the entire video.

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(Bolter & Grusin, 1998)

Bolter, Jay David and Richard Grusin. Remediation: Understanding New Media. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1998. Pages: 23, 24, 31, 34, 45




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